Dina Shtull - Founder . . .

Helping people with potentially difficult decisions appeals to Dina who studied both social work and business.  Prior to founding Downsize With Dignity, LLC, Dina applied her leadership, organizational, and social service skills in the field of education as an elementary school principal, and in the non-profit world as a fundraiser and social and community planner.

Dina is also an author of a children’s book.  The book, about her father, is an example of how the memory of a loved one can be preserved.  Dina has a deep appreciation for passing along family stories, traditions and heirlooms.  She believes that downsizing is not only about what to give away, but also about what to keep.  

When Dina mentioned “downsizing” to some of her friends and relatives, she was greeted with groans.  Groans came from seniors who had already cleared a household, from adult children who had cleared homes of deceased parents, and from friends who had yet to sift through a basement of inherited furniture and memorabilia.  The process, they shared, was grueling -- time consuming and emotionally challenging.  Having help from an objective outsider, they said, would have made the process easier.  Thus was born the idea of a service to help downsizers.  Dina’s professional experiences, along with her experiences as a wife, mother, and grandmother, help her provide patient but deliberate guidance.

Dina’s ultimate goal is to help others find joy in life’s transitions.