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I have been working with Dina sorting out items from my family heirlooms that have been sitting in my basement for the last 10 years.  I was unable to even open any of the boxes until I finally called Downsize With Dignity on a referral from a friend.  As painful and emotionally charged as this has been to bring up all the old memories, the blessing in it has been to bring all the great memories back to life, and with the help of coaching from Dina, create a consolidated version of them to pass on…My mom saved a lot of things, and Dina has patiently helped me move through each and every article with grace and dignity.  I must also mention the help I received sending an e-mail to my 5 siblings to include them in decision making about the things I believe belong to all of us.  There is still work to do, and hopefully, passing along this experience will help whoever needs to get started with this work by encouraging them to get help from a great company.
           Pat K.            

We needed to empty a house full of furniture, clothing and collectables.  Downsize With Dignity was so helpful with finding dealers to buy our things or places to sell them.  Anything that could be donated or recycled was.  It was a big job, but it was well organized and went smoothly.  I highly recommend Dina for any size job; she is good!
          Barbara N.

Dina helped an elderly friend of mine at a very important time in her life...She took care of the process that resulted in a successful estate sale and the sale of my friend's home.  Her ability to listen and her patient manner enabled my friend to feel confident her belongings were well taken care of.  I recommend Downsize With Dignity to anyone approaching this sort of life transition.
          Susan G.

Dina helped me get organized for what needed to be done to get my mom's condo ready to sell.  She looked at what furniture could be sold and donated.  She advised me on resources for finding a painter, realtor, and for having my mom's clothes sold on consignment. She helped me create a master list. All at a very reasonable cost.

Dina went the extra mile.  She is extremely professional, prompt, and courteous.  She has resources, knowledge, and expertise.  She will conduct research and find people to recommend.  Once I told her what I needed, she immediately began to e-mail referrals and information.  She is very responsive, helpful, and very empathetic.  This is a very difficult chore, and she helped me break tasks down into manageable tasks and deadlines.  I would definitely recommend her.  She is truly amazing and has a great personality and excellent interpersonal communication skills as well.

              Linda W.

Dina did an awesome job -- got the ball rolling when we were stuck because there was so much to do after 30 years of living in one place.  She helped find places that would take items for consignment.  She helped pack and organize items and furniture for pick up by movers to distribute to family, storage unit, and for donation.  She helped with good suggestions, phone calls, and even helped box up items and label what was going where.  Some of this was just having someone to talk to and avoiding getting bogged down in "stuff" and personal emotion.  We got the job done!!  Thank you Dina of Downsize with Dignity!

              Anita L.

Dina came to my home and together we went room to room.  She helped me figure out what to get rid of and what to keep.  She was indispensable in organizing the best place for each item to go.  It went fantastically well.  I felt so good about how smoothly the whole move went, and Dina was a big part of it.  She showed me places to donate that I never would have known about, and she was able to get me money back for items that I wouldn't have known about either.   Moving is a very chaotic and stressful time, and Dina's calm, practical, rationale way of working made the whole experience go SO much smoother than it otherwise would have.  I can't say enough good things about Dina.  

          Gail S.